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Science In Society Coursework

Gallatin School of Individualized Study

IDSEM-UG 1059, Disease and Civilization (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1156, The Darwinian Revolution (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1207, Origins of the Atomic Age (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1231, The Trial of Galileo (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1294, Philosophy of Medicine (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1298, Ecology and Environmental Thought (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1328, Rethinking Science (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1339, Foucault: Biopolitics and the Care of the Self (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1516, Understanding the Universe (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1519, Biology and Society (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1532, Lives in Science (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1534, The Seen and Unseen in Science (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1541, Science and Religion (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1551, Science and Theatre (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1566, History of Environmental Science (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1571, Humans, Machines, and Aesthetics (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1575, Energy (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1602, Nature, Resources, and the Human Condition (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1652, Science and Culture (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1703, The Green Dream (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1720, The Artificial and the Natural (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1760, Quantification and Social Thought (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1801, Minds and Bodies: A History of Neuroscience (4 points)

IDSEM-UG 1814, Darwin's Origin of the Species (2 points)

IDSEM-UG 1832, Genetics and Society (2 points) & IDSEM-UG 1833, Music and Science (2 points)
Note: The above courses together count as one elective

IDSEM-UG 1891,Tinkering in Feminist Technoscience (4 points)

3.2.2 Study of a Topical Scientific Issue

Introducing coursework 2
A suggested scheme of work for the Topical Issue
Introducing Topical Issue (33 KB)

What to Choose power point
A short presentation to remind students of some points to consider when choosing their topic.
Powerpoint (82 KB)

A list of links to reliable and accessible sources of information on topical issues. For specific topics students can refer to the web links provided with each topic.
Weblinks (31 KB)

Student speak Marking Grid
A student-friendly version of the marking scheme for the topical issue that students can use to mark sample pieces of work, as well as their own finished work; it provides useful guidance on what is expected.
Student speak marking grid (41 KB)

Writing your study
A set of questions to check that students have understood the advice in the textbook pages 201-206.
Writing your study (30 KB)

Samples of coursework
More samples to supplement those given out at Standardising meetings.
Topical issue Sample 1 (99 KB)
Topical issue Sample 2 (6.8 MB)
Comments on Topical issues (31 KB)


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