Module 10 Honors Assignment Of Contract

Emma BourgeoisCivics Honors AssignmentModule Two- Revolu±onAnswer the following quesTons. Be sure to give complete and detailed responses! ±ype your answers in blue! Submit the document when you have completed it. 1. Explain how the Enlightenment helped form modern ideas about government and how Locke inFuenced ±homas Je²erson.Major Enlightenment thinkers include John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Baron De Montesquieu. ±heir ideas inFuenced the foundaTon of the United States and modern government. Locke’s idea of natural rights can be seen in the DeclaraTon of Independence authored by ±homas Je²erson almost verbaTm. Locke philosophized that people are born with the unalienable right to life, liberty, and property. ±he DeclaraTon of Independence slightly changes his idea to say that people have the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the inFuence of Locke’s theory is evident. Another important idea was the social contract. ±he social contract theory states that the job ofthe government is to protect the natural rights of the people and in return the people allow governance. Locke augmented the social contract with the idea of revoluTon. He argued that if the government is violaTng the rights of the governed, revoluTon is jusT³ed and necessary. ±his idea is echoed in the DeclaraTon of Independence. Montesquieu is known for his ideas about separaTon of powers and checks and balances which are evident in modern government. 2. What are inalienable rights? What three rights are included in the DeclaraTon of Independence? Inalienable rights are inherent privileges that every person is granted on the basis of being human, not by any law or government. ±hey are universal and cannot be taken away or interfered with by any government. In the DeclaraTon of Independence, ±homas Je²erson listed “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as the unalienable rights every person was guaranteed.

As a requirement for the Honors Program, students are required to take 10 Honors courses before graduating. Honors students are eligible to contract non-Honors upper level courses, graduate courses and independent studies for Honors credit. 

For upper level non-Honors courses (numbered 2000 to 4999)*: The student and professor must agree on an extra, graded component in addition to the standard course requirements. This can be an extra research paper, project, literature review, experience that qualitatively enhances the course for the student. The above list is by no means exhaustive—a different kind of project can be determined at the professor’s discretion. Below you'll see 

For graduate courses (5000 or higher) or undergraduate courses cross-listed with graduate courses: No extra component needs to be added to student requirements to make it count towards Honors requirements—only confirmation that student will be held accountable for completing the graduate-level syllabus. A contract proposal form must be submitted to the Honors office in order for the Honors staff to know that you wish the course to count towards your Honors Program requirements. 

For independent studies: No extra component needs to be added to student requirements to make it count towards Honors requirements, however a contract proposal form must be submitted to the Honors office in order for the Honors staff to know that you wish the course to count towards your Honors Program requirements.

Tips for developing contracts:

  • Set very specific expectations for what you consider a successful project. For instance, if regular meetings are expected, make this a requirement for successful completion.
  • Consider a due date earlier than the end of the semester for a project, so a student may have time to revise and re-submit.
  • If multiple students in the course wish to contract, look into the possibility of a group assignment. *Also maybe we can make it an Honors course!

*Students admitted to Honors starting in Fall 2015 or later can only contract courses numbered 3000 and up
Note: For a contracted course to count towards Honors requirements, the student must earn at least a B+ in the course.

Below are examples of successful contracts:

ARTH 2096 Cultures of Excess: The Patronage and Criticism of Courtly Luxury
The Honors requirement includes a modified final project for the class, which is an exhibition catalogue. To fulfill the Honors requirement, the minimum amount of art to be included in the catalogue has been raised from 6 to 8, which will involve more research and writing. In addition, I will be required to prepare a formal presentation about my exhibition catalogue for the class, which is not a requirement for non-honors students in the class.

FILM 4398 Screenwriting Master Class II
After writing a second draft of my feature length screenplay and completing the normal course requirement, I will write a third draft that will serve as the polished edition of my piece. It will be based on feedback from the previous drafts. I will then work with my professor to begin submitting my screenplay to contests, fellowships and retreats, taking the first step toward Hollywood/indie film production circulation.

MUED 4641 Music Therapy Experiences I: Creative Methods
The added component to this course involves me designing an improvisation/creative methods Music Therapy program for a summer camp program with a developmentally delayed population. This assignment will require me to research developmental populations, research improvisational and creative methods in music therapy, research uses of improvisational music therapy with developmental populations, and how I can and will apply them to a summer camp. Examples of activities and experiences to use with the population will also be presented. The assignment requires 3-4 academic sources in addition to observations of other music therapists, and other research on facilitating improvisational music therapy with developmental populations. 

Asian Studies 3541 Japan Today
This course is primarily discussion based with short article readings due every week. To add more dimension to the course I will be reading three books on varying topics related to the culture of Japan and writing a five page critical review of each book. This will give me a much deeper look on Japan’s society than the course will offer, for I will be dealing critically with specific viewpoints and topics.

PBHL 3104 Professional Seminar in Public Health
Rather than volunteering 25 hours over 8 weeks at my volunteer site, I will be volunteering 6 hours a week every week for the Spring Semester. This will amount to volunteering 65 hours more than non-honors students in this course.

SPSY 2271 Introduction to School Psychology
I will be participating in the Incredible Years Program at Dunbar Promise Academy alongside the professor of this course and students in the school psychology graduate program. I will receive the training and participate on a weekly basis. Beyond that, I will be keeping a clinician’s log of my experiences and relating it to research I will be doing on the effectiveness of social skills programs in school by reading different studies, and how my experiences fulfill the NASP (National Association of School Psychologist) practice model in foundations of service deliver, as well as direct services. Attached with this contract is an extensive overview of this project.

Bio 2241 Invertebrate Biology
This is in conjunction with my effort to found a Temple Entomology club. I intend to work in conjunction with the Academy of Natural Sciences to establish an insect trap on Temple’s campus. I will collect 2-3 separate samples in the Spring Season, from which I will sort and mount the species collected. I will then create a display of the mounted specimens, and publish/present a study of the biodiversity of our local ecosystem. It will be an examination of urban ecology, ideally and eventually be a part of the Academy’s permanent collection.

STHM 3221 Athletics Administration
My professor and I discussed various options for adding an Honors dimension to this course, and we agreed that an additional research project would be the best way to do so. Overuse injuries are a frequently discussed topic in the realm of collegiate athletics, and I am interested in completing a research project examining the relationship between overuse injuries and the policy changes that the NCAA is attempting to make to decrease these injuries. I will conduct research on my topic in the necessary fields, and I will write a 6-8 page paper (at minimum) detailing my findings. I am confident that completing this project will add an Honors dimension to the course, while also allowing me to conduct research in my intended career path.

CSCD 4396 Orientation to Clinical Management
Following a six week clinical shadowing experience, I will submit a portfolio of therapy plans, therapy logs, progress notes, and feedback from the supervisor, as well as a two to three page summary/critique of my performance. 

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