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Mac3702 Assignment 2 Feedback

MAC3702 Application of Financial Management Techniques – Semester 1


MAC3702 Application of Financial Management Techniques

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      • ACN3084_HP10BII_Calculator_Tutorial.pdf
      • ACN3084_Notes_on_conversions_October_2009.pdf
      • ACN3084_Present_Value_Tables.pdf
      • ACN3084_Restructuring_and_crossholdings.pdf
      • ACN3084_SharpEL738_Calculator_User_Manual.pdf
      • ACN3084_Study Notes 1.pdf
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      • ACN3084_Valuations_2012_S1.pdf
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      • ACN308_valuations notes.pdf
      • MAC3702 NOTES TWP.pdf
      • MAC3702_Feedback_on_Exam_Technique.pdf
      • MAC3702_Tables_formulae.pdf
      • STUDY UNIT 4 WACC.pdf
      • Text Book (1).pdf
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      • mac3702_exampack_2015..pdf
      • ratio notes.pdf
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      • ACN3084_OctNov2006_solutions.doc
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      • ACN3084_OctNov2008_solutions.doc
      • ACN3084_OctNov2010_solutions.pdf
      • mac3702_octexam_2014_feedback_and_ratios.pdf
      • may_2014_-_solution.pdf
      • octnov+2014_+question+1_markplan.pdf
      • octnov+2014_+question+2_markplan.pdf
      • octnov+2014_+question+3_markplan.pdf
      • octnov+2014_+question+4_markplan_(1).pdf
      • octnov+2014_+question+5_markplan.pdf
    • exam_pack_2016
      • MAC3702-ExamPack2016...pdf
    • exampack_2016
  • donald_2016
    • MAC3702 Suggested Solutions.pdf
  • exam_pack
    • MAC3702 EXAMPACK REVISED..'.pdf


This Study Group has an in-house Academic Lecturer

MAC3702 Application of Financial Management Techniques is primarily intended for candidates who are interested in qualifying as chartered accountants (SAICA) or management accountants (CIMA). This module will enable students to develop the necessary competencies required by these respective professional bodies. Students who successfully complete this module will be equipped to: Evaluate financial and non-financial information and identify business in difficulty; Determine the optimal capital structure; Appraise long-term investment opportunities; Determine working capital and dividend policies and optimise levels of cash and short-term financing. Apply basic techniques to manage exposure to foreign exchange transactions. Apply information technology (spreadsheet programmes) where suitable.

Resources for MAC3702 Application of Financial Management Techniques

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