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Evolution Vs Creationism In Schools Essays

Essay on Evolution versus Creationism

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Evolution versus Creationism

Evolution is a theory that’s based on science and more detailed evidence while Creationism is a faith-based theory. In no way is faith, a factor that influences the ideas and theories supported by scientists. As such, you really cannot compare one to the other; you have to just choose which one you believe is true although it is possible to believe in both at the same time. Since the beginning of human life, there has been a single question that has puzzled even the greatest of philosophers and scientists. Humans are, by nature, interested in their past. As a result every civilization through out time has sought to find the origin of life, and answered it to meet their needs. Early civilizations taught…show more content…

Charles Darwin’s theory was expanded later to a larger scale, to proclaim that life has evolved from hydrogen that was present at the birth of the universe into all living things currently found on Earth.

As with the theories and beliefs of early cultures, Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution must meet the same requirements in order to be viewed as plausible and believable. If the theory is logically based, mathematically supported, and there is either evidence promoting the theory, or a lack of evidence contrary to the theory it is accepted as a possible theory that explains life’s origins. However, Charles Darwin’s theory fails to meet any of the regulations placed before it.

Logically the concept of a living organism emerging from something that is non-living is challenged greatly from the scientific community. A community that insists life must come from life, just as motion must come from motion. Just as a bowling ball is incapable of rolling without a force being applied, a rock is incapable of giving birth to an amoeba. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states “that left to it’s own devices, that is without interference by something else, any living being will break down into its simplest forms, in direct opposition to the theory of evolution that proposes that living beings will change and gain in complexity over time”. (Kylce)

The mathematical opposition is equally hindering to the theory evolution. According

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Evolution Vs. Religion Essay

Evolution vs. Religion.

How was the earth created? This is a question that has puzzled humans for ages. There are two main theories that explain how the earth was formed. These are the theories of evolution and creation, a religious theory. The creation theory is divided into various groups. The most accepted creation theory is the one of the biblical creationists. Biblical creation and evolution are very different, and both have indicators as to their authenticity.

In evolution life is seen as having resulted by natural processes only. The theory suggests that in the past there were extended intervals of stability, which ended with a mass extinction, and the sudden appearance of a new species. This process occurred without the intervention of supernatural forces or deities. Nearly all-modern scientists who are not Evangelical Christians believe in evolution.

Biblical creationists are also called literal creationists, because they interpret the two Genesis accounts of creation in the Bible literally and believe that the Bible is without error. They believe that the "day" mentioned in Genesis 1 signifies a normal 24 hour day. According to this creation the universe was established in six days. Biblical creationists interpret most sedimentary rocks as products of Noah's flood. The majority believes that the earth is less than 10,000 years of age. Some believe 4004 BC was the year of creation.

Civilizations grew more complex and learned more about the world around them. Soon events that were once looked at as magical or supernatural were explained and proven through logic, mathematical reasoning, and the evidence available. In the early to mid nineteenth century a scientist named Charles Darwin proposed a theory that broke the away from the common threads of reasoning that looked to deity or a higher force intervening with humans. He used natural selection, or more commonly referred to as Survival of the fittest, to explain how evolution worked. Darwin's old teacher said evolution would "brutalize" us as human beings and sink us "into a lower grade of degradation" than any time in recorded history. He was partially correct.

The fact that many people think they evolved from monkeys has made morale in the world lower. However, to say that it has been the cause for the decline of society is ridiculous....

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