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Failing Student Nurse Essays

As a mentor you will have specific responsibility for assessing your student’s progress against a range of assessment criteria. These criteria will address the standards of competence required of your student. And in completing the assessment you’ll need to use the paperwork provided by the university that your student is studying with.

The assessment process will involve both informal and formal assessment and may also require specific points of review throughout the practice learning period.

The completion of assessment in practice is complex. So don’t forget to allow enough time to consult with both colleagues, service users and the student so that the judgement that you make about your student’s progress is realistic and informed.

Once you’ve completed your learning for this week you should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the various methods of assessment. And also critically appraise the role of the mentor in evaluating student learning experiences and how you give effective feedback. This will encourage you to reflect on your role as a mentor in the assessment of competence and identify areas for your future learning and development.

Don’t forget have a go at the end-of-week quizzes because they do check your learning and get you ready for the final quiz in Week 8.

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Learning is your Responsibility: When Students Fail Essay

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People assume that if majority of the class fail then the teacher is to blame and is not teaching the class. Well the student is to blame. If no one is learning there is still teaching. All teachers have various ways of providing information to their learners. Some techniques are more effective then others, but it’s the learner’s priority to take the teachers information and comprehend it into their own better understanding. The student holds the power to choose rather hey want to learn new information from their teacher or not.
A teacher is someone who provides information to another person, varying from different subjects. Teachers have many different teaching styles. If you have a Professor who may only lecture throughout the class…show more content…

An example as mentioned in class, if you give a class of 35 the same exact test to take and examine there results. Take in consideration, the Professor has provided you with a syllabus informing you of the chapters that will be on the test. The class lectures in the previous classes you were expected to know a little about because you should have read the information before you came to class. So when you are in class during the lecture it should be a recap and relative examples of what you read. The Professor give’s good notes, relate the lecture to a common example to everyday life and answers any questions. The Professor notices that the same few students participate and ask questions each class session. When you get the results back 80% of the class failed the test. Most of the students would more than likely blame the teacher for their failure. When the reality is that it’s the student fault of there failure. It’s the student’s duty to learn the information.
In order for the student to learn, they must be willing to learn. On a collegiate level the Professor automatically expect you to know and do certain things. This is why we are required to take prerequisites classes. Most professor’s inform their students to use there syllabus as a guide and before each class read the assignment that is prepared for that day. No one student can learn by only reading the information

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