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Mkt 421 Week 5 Learning Team Assignments

Marketing Plan Paper 1 Introduction The challenge of marketing does not lie in selling the product; but rather, the work involved with garnering market research that helps an organization to find the right marketing mix, effectively strategizing the marketing plan, implementing the created plan, and evaluating the effectiveness of the efforts. Some fail and others succeed; but the business that recognizes opportunities for growth, and acts on it, will succeed with hard work, and good marketing planning. Learning from what a marketing plan is successful is how Fortune 500 companies set themselves apart. Qualities of a smart business are: vision, strong marketing research skills, and a good strategic planning. In their text, Perreault and McCarthy state that, “Marketing strategy planning means finding attractive opportunities and developing profitable marketing strategies” (Perreault & McCarthy, 2004). One does not have to go far to realize that opportunities are everywhere; but a business will get nowhere without action. A marketing strategy should result in customer satisfaction. The mission statement is the impetus for the messaging and approach to be used. The following paper prepared by Team D will define the marketing plan for Food Services of America (FSA). FSA is a direct food service distribution company that provides food products to entities such as hospitals, hotels, cruise liners, restaurants and schools. FSA is an arm of a much larger service company, Service Group America (SGA) which focuses on providing food and real estate services to the Midwest and western United States. The large SGA conglomerate created FSA in 1980 to provide specialized, niche oriented food products and services and has since then evolved into the 6 th largest direct food distributor in the country (Food Services of America, 2009).

2Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 1With any successful business there is always a successful strategy that helped them get to where they are. Businesses must analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats tocome up with a strategy to be successful. Also important to being successful is knowing your target market. Apple has applied these strategies since the beginning and has been extremely successful because of it.Overview of OrganizationApple was established in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in order to sell the Apple 1 personal computer kit. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both owned 45% of the company, while Ronald Wayne only owned 10%. Jobs and Wozniak were both young without many personal assets while Wayne was older with personal assets. At the time, Wayne was scared to put those assets at risk, so he sold his share of the company back to Jobs and Wozniack. Today,“Apple is an American corporation that designs and manufactures computer hardware, software, and other consumer electronics” ("A Brief History Of Apple Inc.", 2012). They are best known for their “Macintosh personal computer line, Max OS X, extremely loyal user-base, iTunes media application, and the iPod personal music player” ("A Brief History Of Apple Inc.", 2012).Description of Product/ServiceApple will be introducing their first appliance an Apple stove. It will have five burners anda double oven. It will come in all black, black & stainless steel, or all stainless steel. The stainlesssteel stove will come with the option of accent colors of red, blue or orange. Other colors can be made available upon request. The Apple stove will have an induction stove top. The stove can be operated with an iPhone by downloading an App. The App when downloaded will ask for the model number of the stove this will insure that they have the proper connection. You will make your own code to link to your Apple stove. You will be able to turn on and off the stove top as

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