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Thesis Statements
What is a Thesis?
It is a single sentence usually at the end of your introductory paragraph..
It directly ANSWERS the PROMPT asked of you.
It makes a claim that others might dispute.
It is a ROAD MAP for the paper; it tells the reader what to expect from the rest of the paper.

It tells the reader how you will INTERPRET the significance of the subject matter under discussion.
It is an INTERPRETATION of a question or subject, NOT the subject itself. The subject, or topic, of an essay might be The Incredible Hulk or The Hunger Games; a thesis must then offer a way to understand the superhero or the novel.
Without a strong thesis, you will not have a strong essay.

Writing a Thesis
Start with the prompt. Read the prompt that is assigned.
Look at all of the evidence that you have gathered, (Novel, Articles, etc...) and form an opinion based on the prompt.
Rephrase the prompt by adding your opinion about the prompt and two sub-points.

How to tell if a Thesis is strong enough
A strong thesis statement takes a stand.
A strong thesis does not just state a fact; it sets the stage for analysis of a topic.
A strong thesis statement expresses one main idea.
A strong thesis statement is specific.

Which is stronger?

a. Although some people believe that George Washington was the best president, Abraham Lincoln was much better.
b. Abraham Lincoln was the best president because he fought to keep the country together and fought for the elimination of slavery.

a. The Crusades were fought because of religion.
b. The Crusades were fought due to religious fanaticism and a struggle for power in the Holy Land.

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I have excelled professionally as a writer for the last 7 years, working in New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Cape Town.

My expertise and fluidity with the English language has led to collaborations with major corporations like Nike, BMW and Disney. My talent remains in high demand because my grammatical acumen coupled with my artistic creativity is simply unmatched by my peers.

I began offering my consulting services to Ivy League applicants who were looking to strengthen their grammar and mechanics, while also vitalizing their writing with compelling and engaging ideas.

I guarantee your essay will be 100% free of spelling, grammatical and mechanical errors. Further, your essay will have an original and unique voice that will help distinguish you as a top candidate. With my help your writing will be descriptive while concise, and developed yet succinct. You will absolutely have one of the best formally written essays, but you will also have the appropriate content to captivate the reader.

I enjoy working with writers of all skill ranges. Through my international career, I have developed a masterful skill in working with foreign speakers. I am multi-lingual, and enjoy helping my clients express themselves in English with the same dexterity I enjoy.

I work extremely hard to guarantee that your writing is both professionally flawless and a fascinating read.

I look forward to working together!

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Overall, I had a pleasant experience editing with Brandon.

- Peter


The revision is far beyond my expectation. Along with that, Brandon addressed my questions in a very professional manner. It’s a pleasure to work with Brandon!

- Steven

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the results was not satisfying at all, so I wanted a refund actually. However, under the policy of refund, I communicated with Brandon. At first, it looked like he communicated well. However, there was no reply after a week had passed from the date of revision. Now, I cannot ask for a refund at all. I recommend that if you don't satisfy with the revision, then ask for a refund as soon as possible.

- Chloe


Brandon helped me fix consistent mistakes in my writing and gave me advice on how to improve my writing for the future. A great editor!

- Ryan

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