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Ideas For Science Essays

Great topics for science term papers

If your science professor has assigned a term paper, then you need a topic. Since term papers are not written overnight, you need a topic that interests you, is relatively easy to research, and fits the requirements for the assignment. These are a few topics for different science subjects:

    Earth and Physical Science Topics:

  • Tampering with weather systems
  • The role of the storm chaser
  • Elastic-rebound theory
  • Protecting groundwater
  • The role of government regarding invasive species, like Asian carp
  • Engineering and geography
  • Protecting habitats
  • Chemistry Topics:

  • Creating an affordable alternative to petroleum
  • Mercury in our food (especially fish)
  • Polymers and 3D printing
  • Chemistry and terrorism
  • Bioluminesence
  • pH and human diets
  • Physiology:

  • Aging and plastic surgery
  • Artificial body replacements
  • Medications and the brain
  • Physical effects of food allergies
  • Hearing and the earbuds
  • Ecology:

  • Carbon credits
  • Status of the ozone
  • Oceans and pollution
  • Digging for gold and the effects on the environment
  • Fluoride in water systems
  • Turning cities into urban farms
  • Genetics:

  • Overpopulation
  • Gene mapping
  • Choosing genetics for children
  • Genetically engineered food
  • Disappearing foods

Show Your Knowledge with Evidence-Based Thought

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of term paper ideas for topics. The key is to find a topic that you are thoroughly interested in learning about because you will spend so much time focused on this paper. Since your term paper is all about what you have learned and what more you want to learn, you will need to show your knowledge as well as evidence of unique thought.

Find a Current Problem and Investigate the Solutions

Most science term papers need to present a current problem (or even a future problem) and discuss how science can help solve it. You might find that the problem is so new that no one has come up with a theory. If you are in a graduate degree program, your term paper could become the basis for a future thesis.

Talk Through a Topic if You Cannot Make a Decision

If you are having difficulty creating a topic, then you should take some time to visit with your professor. Many students find that they just need to talk through a few topic ideas before they make their final selections. Students should talk through their topics with their professors because they know how to ask the right questions to help students make the best decisions. Otherwise, a friend who is knowledgeable about science topics can be a good resource, too.

Science Essay Topics, Ideas and Writing Hints

Environmental, natural and political science essay topics

As a matter of fact, science essay topics have a considerably large scope of meanings. It can be a science fiction essay or a work in a political science, historical, medical, natural, etc. It is not only a Math or Physics you can write a science essay in.

Let’s take environmental science essay topics as an example. There are plenty of AP environmental science essay questions you can dwell upon. Ranging from a global warming to the effects of nuclear plants to the soil, they offer a substantial possibility to stretch your imagination. Think of something acute, vital, and “burning” in order to succeed.

Political science essay topics as a rich source of ideas

A political science essay might bring you a good credit because the sphere is highly debatable nowadays. People are interested in politics and many study it as a science. Political science essay topics such as international negotiations, hidden pitfalls in political relations of entire nations, and debates featuring stand-alone leaders are argued and discussed nowadays. So they will do you great. Moreover, a unique insight into revolutions or the establishment of democracy in developing counties will definitely earn you extra credits.

Presenting an engaging argument is key

Indeed, you have to captivate your readers by presenting a topic that resonates and draws their attention. But remember that you have to not only grab their undivided interest, but prove that your thesis statement is correct. Present relevant data, quotes, extracts from various sources, etc. Moreover, a proper Conclusion is required. Give your readers something to think of, leave an “aftertaste” in the minds of your audience.

5 pieces of advice to succeed with your science paper

There are many social and science essay topics you may choose. But there are universal rules you must follow in order to do the job right.


Backing your point of view with a suitable quote is a smart move. Yet you have to format it correctly according to a reference style. An unreferenced quote is seen as plagiarism.


Avoid such technique as the “lost author” by writing Many scientists believe or Many researches reckon that. Avoid nominalization as well. E.g.: According to numerous prominent scientists…


Incorrect usage of terms in your scientific work is forbidden. Misleading your readers is a very bad thing. But showing them your lack of field competence is 100 times worst.


Short sentences have a larger impact. They are memorable. They convey heavy-weight information in an easy way. Short sentences are persuasive. And it’s harder to make a mistake.


And then do it another 10 times, unless it sounds perfect. Science tolerates no mistakes so both your research and your writing have to be impeccable. Every comma has to know its place.


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