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Flash Memory Summit 2017 Proceedings

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Monday, August 7th - Preconference Seminars

1:00-5:00pmPre-Conference Seminar G: Using Machine Learning to Optimize Storage Systems (Pre-Conference Seminar Track 3 Track)
1:00-5:00pmPre-Conference Seminar H: Flash Controller Design (Pre-Conference Seminar Track 4 Track)
  • Introduction
    Erich Haratsch, Director, Engineering Flash Channel Architecture, Seagate
  • NAND Flash Basics and Error Characteristics
    Roman Pletka, Research Staff Member, IBM Zurich Research Lab
  • NAND Flash Media Management Algorithms
    Erich Haratsch, Director, Engineering Flash Channel Architecture, Seagate
  • ECC for NAND Flash
    Osso Vahabzadeh, Staff Design Engineer, Texas LDPC
  • ASIC/Merchant Silicon Chip-Based Flash Controllers
    Jeff Yang, Principal Engineer, Silicon Motion
  • FPGA-Based Flash Controller Applications
    David McIntyre, Principal Consultant, DS McIntyre Consulting
1:00-1:45pmSNIA Tutorial #1-Understanding Real World Storage Workloads
1:50-2:45pmSNIA Tutorial #2-SAS-Today's Fast and Flexible Storage Fabric
3:00-4:00pmSNIA Tutorial #3-A New Standard for IP Based Drive Management
4:00-5:00pmSNIA Tutorial #4- Innovations, Challenges, and Lessons Learned in HPC Storage

Tuesday, August 8th - Forums, Sessions & Invited Talks

8:30-9:35amInvited Talk 1: NVMe Over Fabrics-High Performance Flash Moves to Ethernet (NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Track)
8:30-9:35amSession 101-A: Consumer Applications (Consumer/Mobile Applications Track)
8:30-9:35amSession 101-B: Embedded Applications, Part 1 (Embedded Applications Track)
  • Unique SSD Configuration to Optimize for a Variety of Embedded Application
    Peter Huang, Senior Manager, Product Management, ATP Electronics
  • Improving Lifetime Estimates for Embedded Flash Memory Systems
    Thomas McCormick, Chief Engineer/Technologist, Swissbit
  • 3D Flash Leads to More Powerful Embedded Applications
    Thomas Hsiao, Sr Field Applications Engineering Manager, Phison Electronics
  • Using MLC Flash to Reduce Systems Costs in Industrial Applications
    Chris Budd, Director Engineering, SMART High Reliability Solutions
8:30-9:35amSession U-1: Annual Update on Flash Technology (Flash Technology Track Track)
9:45-10:50amInvited Talk 2: New Computational Approach Brings Big Data to Its Knees/td>
9:45-10:50amSession 102-A: Data Recovery of SSDs (Data Recovery/Erasure Track)
  • Improving Chip-Off Forensic Analysis for NAND Flash
    Aya Fukami, Visiting Researcher, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • How the Emergence of 3D NAND Affects Data Recovery and Erasure Verification
    Robin England, Senior Research and Development Engineer, Kroll OnTrack
  • SMS Recovery from Raw NAND of Erased eMMC Chip
    Alexander Sheremetov, CTO, Rusolut
  • Managing the FTL for reliability, security...& recovery?
    Jon Tanguy, Technical Marketing Engineer, Micron
9:45-10:50amSession 102-B: Embedded Applications, Part 2 (Embedded Applications Track)
9:45-10:50amSession U-2: Annual Update on Enterprise Flash Storage
8:30-10:50amForum A-11: NVMe and PCIe SSDs, Part 1 (NVMe/PCIe Storage Track)
8:30-10:50amForum B-11: Flash-Memory Based Architectures: A Technical Discussion, Part 1 (Architectures Track)
  • Open-Channel SSDs Offer the Flexibility Required by Hyperscale Infrastructure
    Matias Bjorling, Member Technical Staff, CNEX Labs
  • Enhancing SSD Control of NVMe Devices for Hyperscale Applications
    Luca Bert, Director, SSD Architecture and Advanced Development, Seagate
  • Avoiding Deadly Read Latencies with I/O Determinism
    Steven Wells, Fellow – SSD Data Center Architecture, Toshiba America Electronic Components
  • I/O Determinism and Its Impact on Data Centers and Hyperscale Applications
    Bill Martin, Principal Engineer SSD I/O Standards, Samsung Electronics
8:30-10:50amForum G-11: Enterprise Applications, Part 1 (Enterprise Applications Track)
  • CPFL Energy Group Applications Accelerated by Flash Technology
    Marcio Felix, CPFL Group; Ivo Susa, Hitachi
  • Flash Storage Drives a Better Bottom Line
    Aravindan Gopalakrishnan, Product Manager, HP
  • Powering Cloud Scale Applications with All-flash
    Sundip Arora, Director Product Marketing, Kaminario
  • How End to end NVMe Will Impact Applications
    Ivan Iannaccone, Director of Product Management
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Migration Overview
    Amanda Strassle, Senior Director IT, Seagate
8:30-10:50amForum N-11: Flash Growth & Opportunity in China (China Track)/td>
  • A New Era Under Consruction: Memory Business in China
    Hao Cui, Sr Chief Editor, WatchStor.com
  • Opportunities and Challenges in China's SSD Market
    Geoffrey Xu, Technical support manager, Shannon Systems
  • Data Security Inside SSD
    Chris Tsu, General Manager, Sage Microelectronics
  • FlashTarget: A 10M IOPS Level of Open Source Solutions for Soft RAID and Target
    Feng You, General Manager, FusionStack Storage
  • Design Issues for SCM-friendly Data Structure
    Wei Zha, Chief Technology Planner of Storage Product, Huawei
  • NVMe SSD Adoption Consideration in China Data Center
    Taile Zhang, VP, Memblaze
  • Small Form Factor for PCIe and SATA Devices
    Jordan Zhong, Product Marketing Director, Longsys Electronics
  • A New Era Under Construction: Memory Business in China
    Mark Cao, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, GigaDevice Semiconductor
8:30-10:50amForum T-11: Flash in Autonomous Vehicles, Part 1 (Automotive Track)
11:00-11:30amKeynote 1
1:50-2:20pmKeynote 4
2:20-2:50pmKeynote 5
2:50-3:00pmSNIA Special Presentation
3:00-3:30pmKeynote 6
3:40-4:45pmInvited Talk 3: Managing NVMe over Fabric with Intel Rack Scale Design (NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Track)
3:40-4:45pmSession 103-A: How Do We Know We Have a Secure Flash System? (Security Track)
3:40-4:45pmSession 103-B: Know What the Enterprise Flash Customer Wants and Needs (Business/Marketing Track)
  • Know What the Flash Customer Wants and Needs
    Panel Members: Andrew Fenselau, VP Marketing, Elastifile; Matt Kixmoeller, Vice President Products, Pure Storage; Matt Burr, VP, American Sales, Pure Storage and Marc Staimer, President, Dragon Slayer Consulting
3:40-4:45pmSession U-3: Annual Update on Flash Controllers (Controllers Track)
4:55-6:00pmInvited Talk 4: Persistent Memory is Not What You Think! (Persistent Memory Track)
4:55-6:00pmSession 104-A: RansomWare: What It Is and What Role Flash Plays in It (Security Track)
3:40-6:00pmForum A-12: NVMe and PCIe SSDs, Part 2 (NVMe/PCIe Storage Track)
  • Part A: NVMe-MI Enhancements
    Austin Bolen, Dell EMC; Myron Loewen, Intel; Peter Onufryk, Microsemi
  • Part B: NVMe over Fabrics
    Brandon Hoff, Software Architect, Broadcom; Rob Davis, VP of Storage Technology, Mellanox; Praveen Midha, Director, Product Marketing, Cavium; Curt Beckmann, Principal Architect, Brocade; Fazil Osman, Distinguished Engineer, Broadcom
    Dave Minturn, Principal Engineer, Intel
3:40-6:00pmForum B-12: Flash-Memory Based Architectures: A Technical Discussion, Part 2 (Architectures Track)
  • Page and Block Alignmen ts to Maximize SSD Performance
    Peter Graumann, VP Performance Solutions Group, Microsemi
  • Gen-Z Technology: Enabling Memory Centric Architecture
    Kurtis Bowman, Director, Office of the CTO, Dell EMC
  • Device Architectures to Best Enable PCIe Gen 4
    Rob Sykes, Sr Distinguished Engineer, Toshiba America Electronic Components
  • Designing FTLs for High Capacity Drives
    Tim Canepa, Chief Architect and Director of Architecture, Independent Consultant
3:40-5:45pmForum C-12: Enterprise SSDs (SSDs Track)
3:40-5:45pmForum R-12: 3D XPoint: Current Implementations and Future Trends (Persistent Memory Track)
  • Overview
  • Part 1. 3D XPoint: Current Applications and Implementations
    Milind Weling, Sr VP Programs and Operations, Intermolecular
  • Part 2. 3D XPoint in 2022: Where We Are and How We Got There
    Jeff Barber, Chief Revenue Officer, Apeiron Data Systems
  • XPoint Memory Comparison: Process & Architecture
    Jeongdong Choe, Senior Technical Fellow, TechInsights
  • 3D Xpoint in 2022: Where are We and How We Get There
  • 3D XPoint: Speed At What Cost?
    Jim Handy, Objective Analysis
  • 3D-XPoint™ in 2022
    Bob Hansen, V.P. System Architecture, Aperon Data Systems
  • Challenges in Vertically Stackable Selectors for 3D Cross-Point Non Volatile Memories
    Karl Littau, Stephen Weeks, Vijay Narasiamhan, Greg Nowling, Ryan Clarke, Tony Chiang, Intermolecular Inc.
  • 3D Xpoint Status and Forecast 2017
    Mark Webb, MKW Ventures Consulting, LLC
3:40-6:00pmForum D-12: Enterprise Storage Design, Part 1 (Enterprise Storage Track)/td>
  • Designing Winning Enterprise Storage
    Curt Beckmann, Principal Product Architect, Brocade
  • Can Next-Generation 3D TLC NAND Extend Enterprise Applications?
    Thomas Griffin, Engineer, IBM
  • Many-Channel DMA for Enterprise Storage SoCs
    Stephane Hauradou, CTO, PLDA
  • The EDSFF Consortium's New Form Factor for SSDs
    Jonathan Hinkle, Director, System Platform Technologist, Lenovo
3:40-6:00pmForum T-12: Flash in Autonomous Vehicles, Part 2 (Automotive Track)
3:40-6:00pmForum T-12: Flash in Autonomous Vehicles, Part 2 (Automotive Track)
  • Automotive OTA Updates and Data Collection Increasing Memory Demand
    Greg Basich, Associate Director, Automotive Infotainment and Telematics and Connected Mobility Services, Strategy Analytics
  • Flash Memory in the emerging age of autonomy
    Stephan Heinrich, Technical Lead Autonomous Driving Platform HW, Lucid Motors
  • Flash in Vehicles:  end-user's perspective
    Alison Chaiken, Sr Software Engineer, Peloton Technology
  • Requirements for Non-Volatile Memory in Automotive Applications
    Michael Huonker, Engineer Advanced Head Unit, Daimler AG

Wednesday, August 9th - Forums, Sessions & Invited Talks

8:30-9:35amInvited Talk 5: Persistent Memory’s Initial App Will Be Real-Time Analytics (Persistent Memory Track)
8:30-9:35amSession 201-A: Market Research Panel (Market Research Track)
8:30-9:35amSession 201-B: Flash Arrays (Enterprise Storage Track)
8:30-9:35amSession 201-C: Testing Issues (Testing/Performance Track)
9:45-10:50amInvited Talk 6: Solving Latency Challenges with NVMe SSDs at Scale (NVMe/PCIe Storage Track)
9:45-10:50amSession 202-A: NVMe Market Research (Market Research Track)
  • What can fuel NVMe market Growth
    Uma Parepalli, Director, Stealth Startup
  • NVMe Market Research
    Eric Burgener, Research Director - Storage, IDC
  • Evolution of NVMe
    J Metz, R&D Engineer, Cisco Systems
  • NVME™: Change Agent for Next-Gen Data Centers
    Rob Callaghan, Sr. Manager, Enterprise & Cloud Solutions, Western Digital
  • Future of Cloud Storage Infrastructure
    Eyal David, CTO, Kaminario
  • NVM Express® Past and Present: What We Have Accomplished, and Where We Are Going
    Mike Heumann, G2M Research
9:45-10:50amSession 202-B: The Performance Story: An Independent Evaluation of Flash Storage (Testing/Performance Track)
9:45-10:50amSession 202-C: Mobile Applications (Consumer/Mobile Applications Track)
9:45-10:50amSession 202-D: Open-Source Software and Flash Memory (Software Track)
8:30-10:50amForum A-21: PCIe/NVMe Issues (NVMe/PCIe Storage Track)
8:30-10:50amForum D-21: Enterprise Storage Design, Part 2 (Enterprise Storage Track)
8:30-10:50amForum E-21: Controllers and Flash Technology, Part 1 (Controllers Track)
  • Introduction
  • Reusability and Flexibility in SSD Controller Design - A Platform Approach
    Andrei Vityaev, Chief Strategy Officer, Mobiveil
  • Using Machine Learning to Enhance Flash Endurance & Latency
    Cloud Zeng, Sr Engineer, Lite-On Storage Group
  • ECC Approach for Correcting Errors Not Handled by RAID Recovery
    Jeff Yang, Principal Engineer, Silicon Motion
  • Spatially-Coupled (SC) Codes for Flash Memories
    Homa Esfahanizadeh, Sr PhD Student, UCLA Electrical Engineering Dept
  • SSD Lifetime Extension using Multi-Code-Rate LDPC with Multi-Dimensional LLR Tables
    Rino Micheloni, VP Performance Solutions Group, Microsemi
8:30-10:50amForum F-21: SSD Testing (Testing/Performance Track)
8:30-10:50amForum G-21: Enterprise Applications, Part 2 (Enterprise Applications Track)
  • Leveraging the Latest Flash in the Data Center
    Steve Knipple, Principal Consultant, Cloud Shift Advisors
  • Carter IP Video Delivery
    Mike Gluck, VP/CTO, Sanity Solutions
  • United Center Case Study
    Rob Commins, VP of Marketing, Tegile Systems
  • Scaling Up as well as Scaling Out
    Pete Jarvis, VP Business Development, TidalScale
  • Consistently Reduced Latency is Everything in Advanced Analytics
    Eric Stouffer, VP Distributed Storage BU, IBM
  • Increase SQL Server Performance 20x
    Sushant Rao, Sr Director Product Marketing, DataCore Software
  • Extending IN-Memory Database Processing to Shared Flash
    Gurmeet Goindi, Master Product Manager, Oracle
8:30-10:50amForum R-21: Persistent Memory - Convergence of Storage and Memory Part 1 (Persistent Memory Track)
11:00-11:30amKeynote 7
11:30am-NoonKeynote 8
1:00-1:30pmKeynote 9
1:30-2:00pmKeynote 10
2:40-3:10pmKeynote 12
3:20-4:25pmInvited Talk 7: ReFlex: A System for Accessing Remote Flash Like Local Flash (Architectures Track)
3:20-4:25pmSession 203-A: RRAM (New Memory Technologies Track)
3:20-4:25pmSession 203-B: Flash Technology (New Memory Technologies Track)
3:20-4:25pmSession 203-C: Flash in Cloud Computing (Enterprise Storage Track)
3:20-4:25pmSession 203-D: CMO Panel: Flash Will Be Everywhere but the Customer Still Rules (Business/Marketing Track)
4:40-5:45pmInvited Talk 8: NOVA: A High-Performance, Hardened File System for N-V Memories (Persistent Memory Track)
4:40-5:45pmSession 204-B: 24 Gb/s SAS Opens the Way to the Latest High-Performance Apps (Controllers Track)
4:40-5:45pmSession 204-C: Flash in Big Data Applications (Data Management Track)
4:40-5:45pmSession 204-D: Annual Update on Flash Memory for Non-Technologists (Business/Marketing Track)
3:20-5:45pmForum A-22: PCIe/NVMe Storage (NVMe/PCIe Storage Track)
  • Fast Tracking the Evolution of PCI Express™ Technology
    Debendra Das Sharma, Board Member, PCI-SIG
  • Dual Port NVMe Offers Enterprise-Class Availability Plus High Speed
    Anders Graham, SSD Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics
  • A New Standard for Remote Monitoring and Management of NVMe SSDs: NVMe-MI
    David Woolf, Sr Engineer, UNH-IOL
  • Implementing Virtual NVMe for Flash-Storage Class Memory
    Jinpyo Kim, Sr. Staff Engineer, VMware
  • New NVMe DAS Pool with Reliability and Sharing capability
    Eric H Chang, Manager (Program Manager), SK Telecom / Network IT Convergence
  • Choosing the Right NVMe Server Storage Platform for Your Application
    Stuart Campbell, Platform Architect, E8 Storage
3:20-5:45pmForum C-22: SSD Technology (SSDs Track)
3:20-5:45pmForum E-22: Controllers and Flash Technology, Part 2 - Error Correcting Codes (Controllers Track)
  • Two-Level Code Construction Using LDPC Codes
    Osso Vahabzadeh, Staff Design Engineer, Texas LDPC
  • A Flexible and Low-Complexity Local Erasure Recovery Scheme
    Xinmiao Zhang, Senior Technologist, Western Digital
  • Novel 4K Error Correcting Code for QLC NAND
    Shiuan Hao Kuo, Supervisor engineer, Silicon Motion
  • Overcoming Higher Bit Error Rates in New NAND Technologies
    Song Wang, Chief Architect, Dera Storage
  • Power-Efficient LDPC Technology for High Performance SSDs
    Jiangli Zhu, Sr Director, Via Technologies
  • Controller Technologies for Managing 3D NAND Flash Memories
    Erich Haratsch, Director, Engineering Flash Channel Architecture, Seagate
3:20-5:45pmForum M-22: 3-D Flash (New Memory Technologies Track)
  • The Solution to the Bit Error Non-uniformity of 3D NAND
    Vic Ye, Manager of NAND Flash Analysis Team, SiliconGo
  • Overcoming Challenges in 3D NAND Volume Manufacturing
    Thorsten Lill, VP, Lam Research
  • Improving Endurance in 3D-NAND Flash
    Roman Pletka, Research Staff Member, IBM Zurich Research Lab
  • Is 3D NAND the Right Technology for Removable Devices?
    Crystal Chang, Senior Manager, ATP Electronics
  • A Novel On-the-Fly NAND Flash Read Channel Parameter Estimation and Optimization
    Tingjun Xie, Staff Engineer, Via Technologies
  • 3D NAND Status and Roadmap 2017
    Mark Webb, MKW Ventures Consulting, LLC
3:20-5:45pmForum R-22: Persistent Memory - Convergence of Storage and Memory Part 2 (Persistent Memory Track)

Thursday, August 10th - Forums, Sessions & Invited Talks

Solution Flash Memory Inc Essay

2232 WordsMay 5th, 20159 Pages

1. Background of Flash Memory. Inc
Flash memory was founded in San Jose, California in the late 1990s. In 2010, there are six individuals held the top management positions, comprised the board of directors, and owned the entire equity in the firm.Flash specialized in the design and manufacture of solid state drives (SSDs)and memory modules which comprised the fastest growing segment in the overall memory industry.
SSDS market is huge and intensely competitive which reflects in product offerings, high rivalry, and low profit margins as a percent of sales. Flash’s competitions include
Intel, Samsung, Micron Technology, etc. Due to theproducts ‘characteristic and stiff competitors, its sales life cycle is short, usually only six years. In…show more content…

If this ratio is high means company owns too many debts which may decrease their net income and increase their risk of business. On another hand, company with larger debt means the large amount of borrowing money is used to enlarge business, which meets the beginning ‘description that Flash is a high-speed growth company and already reached the 70% limitation.


Asset Management
Inventory turnover ratio is around 1.8 times = the amount of inventories has almost

1.5 months before being sold.

The figures of Gross Margin Ratio and ROE (Figure3) shows Flash has becoming

better since 2008. Gross Margin Ratio continues increase in the futures, but ROE will begin decrease at 2011. This may because the 2011’s income will become to decrease while the cost still will increase. The average ROE for Semiconductor-Memory Chips industry firms is 9%, though Flash is larger than9%, its decrease is very rapidly so management should take care of this situation.

Market Value Analysis
The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is increasing since 2011, which means Flash is

considered with high growth prospects. Since Flash ratio is lower than28.6%, the average for other Semiconductor-Memory Chips industry firms, this suggests that investors value
Flash’s stock more less than most as having excellent growth prospects. Stocks with high
P/E ratios carry high risk whenever the

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