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Finding Master's Papers

Some departments do not have an official thesis but instead require a major paper or report. These papers and reports are not in Davis Library or, for the most part, in the North Carolina Collection or the Libraries' online catalog. Some departments and departmental libraries have online lists. Contact the department, or, if there is one, the departmental library for information.

Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Master's level students in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering can opt for one of four tracks: a Master of Science degree, which requires a thesis; and the Master of Science in Public Health, Master of Public Health, and Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, which require a technical report. Theses are uploaded as digital copies to the Graduate School, and technical reports are uploaded to the Carolina Digital Repository.

Public Administration
Copies of the Master of Public Administration papers from 1976-1994 are in the North Carolina Collection. For copies of papers completed since 1994, contact the Manager of the Master of Public Administration Program (Knapp-Sanders Bldg., CB# 3330, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3330, Phone: 919-966-5381, Fax: 919-962-0654, Email Contact Form).

UNC-Chapel Hill Master's Paper Collection
Full-text copies of master's papers can be found:

This database contains papers completed for the following departments:

  • City & Regional Planning: Coverage from May 2002 - present
  • Information & Library Science: Coverage from May 1999 - present*
  • Maternal & Child Health: Coverage from December 2010 - present
  • Public Health & Public Health Leadership: Coverage from August 2011 - present

*Print copies from 1963 - present are available in the SILS Library.

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